SafetyGate “Best Value” Triple Pak #82397TVP


  • Item #: 82397TVP


The SafetyGate™ Triple Pak will offer the best value combination – (3) THREE SafetyGates anti restart retrofit products! – to get started protecting against Dangerous Restarts in and around the home AND workplace.

Our revolutionary technology provides Restart Protection in the event of accidental plug removals, circuit breaker trips, and power outages.

Each year, thousands of children and adults are injured when an electrically powered device unexpectedly comes back on after a power interruption. The cause of these injuries is when an appliance or tool’s switch is left “on” after a power outage, circuit breaker trip or accidental unplugging from the wall outlet.

The Safety Gate™ patented sensor technology recognizes when your appliance or tool’s switch is accidentally left “on” and automatically puts up a protective “gate” that stops the flow of electricity to your appliance or tool, preventing a dangerous restart. When you are ready, simply turn your appliance or tool OFF and then back ON to resume safe, normal use.

Completely Automatic — No Buttons to Push or Switches to Reset!

Easy to Use Directions Enclosed — Direcciones Fáciles de Utilizar Incluidas

Package contains (3) SafetyGate anti-restart devices;

(2) SafetyGate Consumer anti-restart retrofits for two home appliances or small machines

(1) SafetyGate Professional anti-restart retrofit for a single shop power tool or machine